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The visionary insight driven communication agency A sympathetic challenger making brands successful in a transforming and data driven context. Smicker's core strength lies in the strategies that drive desired change of behavior.




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Our core is CX, Customer Relations and Brand Experience in digi-physical ecosystems. In this context, we shape future-proof strategies, concepts and solutions for profitable customer relations and sustainable bonds between brands and customers throughout prioritized phases of the customer journey.

Since the start in 2008, we have challenged traditional Marketing, Branding, CRM, loyalty and customer experience by adding an emotional dimension to a brands’ relations to its individual customers.

Work & cases

Volvo Cars Sverige – CX, Digital CRM, Marketing Automation and in-app communication strategy. Framework. Principles. Customer Journey Mapping. Customer Contact Plan, Research/Investigations. Pilot Studies. Planning. Creative content. Implementations of Automated Communication.
IRM-Media – Research & interviews. Brand & Communication strategy. Brand Identity. Design concept. Strategic board workshops. Re-positioning. Product/service design. New homepage.
Hertz – Strategy. Customer journey mapping. Workshops. Implementation automated communication program.
Accuhorsemat – Brand strategy. Communication and channel strategy.
BVD Design – Senior advisor. Strategic owners & board workshops.
Volvo Car Company EMEA – Workshop EMEA CMOs on Global Marketing Summit.
Dormy – Strategic C-level workshop on how to communicate and implement GDPR to prioritized customer journeys. Future retail. Innovation Workshop.
Wittra – Conceptual Pitch Deck for investors and stakeholders. Value proposition platform. Product/service design. Product/service presentation B2B.
SBAB – Loyalty strategy and loyalty conceptualisation, customer journey mapping. Implementations of Automated Communication.
Partner collaboration on Swedish Grocery client – Competitor analysis on grocery loyalty concepts in Sweden.
Partner collaboration on Live Event client – Strategic workshop to define customer segments. Product/service design B2B and B2C.
Riksteatern – Strategic pilot study the national theater associations and the members


The Smicker way

Our leadership derives from deep insights and understanding of humans buying behavior, long experience of brand positioning, and translating this into creative communication that drives desired customer behavior and loyalty.

For refining our approach over the last decade, we have received some national and international recognitions and awards – 12 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze.


The customer’s experience is everything

Our working model is based on the CX ecosystem and how we have structured it.

Our proven methods support prioritizing efforts to prioritize segments where we will get the greatest impact on the customer experience.

Our approach breaks down complexity into the most relevant path for every client.

Do you want to know how the smicker way could support your business? Please get in touch so we can discuss how to approach your specific challenges.

Our national and international recognitions and awards – 12 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze.

What our clients say

We always strive for elaborate results and do our best to meet our customers’ needs.

"We can really recommend Smicker. They have helped us with both strategies and execution in various and complex projects. What I especially appreciated about Smicker is their sensitivity and humility to our missions."
Anders Tärnell
Director Digital Sales & Communication, Hertz

"With solid experience and deep understanding of people and company issues, Pepe helped us see new solutions when we were stuck. With his solid experience and deep understanding of both people and company issues, Pepe helped me and my co-owners to find a new strategic path."
Carin Blidholm Svensson
Creative Director & Co-founder of BVD

"Accuhorsemat came to Smicker with a diverse business model. Smicker asked the right questions and made an impressive analysis of our market. It is largely thanks to Smicker that we reached our ambitious sales and communication goals in 2019."
Max Hoffmann
CEO & Founder of Accuhorsemat

Do you want to collaborate?

Examples of specialist skills needed in Smicker collaboration network: Analytics, Data Scientist, Brand Strategists, Social Media Strategists, Creatives, Copy and Content Writers, Art, Design, Digital, CRM, UX, Illustrators, CRM & Loyalty Managers, and more…

Every now and then we also support our clients when employing talents.

We are always looking for skilled collaborative friends – Stra-tact-ichians, Insight-ers, Creatives and Data Science-er.